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May 22


By Michael Holtman | Asthma

Asthma_Bronchial-3Asthma is a medical condition (disease) that affects the lungs (its breathing passages). This disease is not a constant problem, but it has triggers which cause it to interfere with breathing process.
Asthma is an inflammation of lung passages and if it is triggered by a factor those passages swell and they fill with mucus which makes it a bit harder to breathe. Once this occurs it causes the muscles of those passages contract which makes the breathing even harder.

What causes asthma?

There isn’t a definite answer to this question. Some people are born with higher tendency to get asthma and some are not. Every person that has to live with asthma has their own set of asthma triggers.
Some people have taken a different approach to asthma causes and they say that our lifestyle is making us more likely to gain asthma. They say that the children are brought up in enclosed areas and in a city where they have no contact with nature and its allergens. They came to the conclusion that our immune systems are much weaker than those of our ancestors who had a better connection with nature.
They also say that more hours are spent indoors than ever before and during those hours we are constantly exposed to dust and mold which are the most common indoor allergens. The air we breathe, especially in big cities, is highly polluted and that increases the chance of developing asthma.
Some evidence is found that connects obesity and asthma. General knowledge states that people, who exercise every day, or on any other regular basis, have less chance to develop asthma.

Things you might want to know about Asthma

girl-having-asthma-attackThe asthma attacks are, in most cases, regular and every person that has asthma has his own set of symptoms from which they can conclude that an asthma attack is pending.
Most common symptom of an impending asthma attack is wheezing. Wheezing is nothing but a hissing sound that occurs during breathing. It mostly occurs during exhalation, but it can sometimes occur during inhalation as well. Wheezing doesn’t mean that you have asthma, and not wheezing doesn’t mean that a person doesn’t have asthma, as it is stated every person has their asthma symptoms.
Other common symptoms of asthma include chest tightness, difficulty in speaking, breathlessness and coughing.

Fighting the Asthma

newseventsimages (1)If you had your first asthma attack you should go to the hospital. Once you are there a health care provider will assess the severity of the attack. This assessment will help later in treatment. This assessment is used to classify the severity of your condition and to pinpoint possible triggers as well.
Asthma is a chronic disease and many people have to live with it until they die. Asthma can be cured, but this happens in only a minority of the cases.
You will be given medication for your condition, but you must change your lifestyle in order to avoid the triggers. By changing your lifestyle you are able to reduce a number of asthma attacks and to reduce their severity.

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