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By Michael Holtman | Weight Gain

May 20

woman-foot-scale-400x400Extreme unintentional weight gain has been a very debatable issue among many groups of people. Some people blame the lifestyle of those people who have gained a lot of weight, but this is a bit wrong mindset to have. In many cases, the weight gain is caused my some physical and mental changes.

No matter the cause (of which we will talk more), the excessive weight leads to many other negative conditions that harm the body. High blood pressure and cholesterol are prime examples of effects that care caused by weight gain. Heart attack due to excessive weight is one of the more extreme effects of weight gain and it can end with death which is why people who suffer from unintentional weight gain should work on reducing their weight as fast as they can.

Why we gain excess weight?

There are many causes that lead to people being overweight and only one of them includes food. People who fail to realize the mechanisms of their body and how it reacts to junk food they eat, gain a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

newseventsimagesWeight gain can also be caused by pregnancy or hormonal changes (which occur to women who are around 50 years old). This happens due to declining estrogen, a hormone that is responsible for ovulation and menstruation.

PMS aka Premenstrual Syndrome can also lead to weight gain as the craving for food intensifies during that time of the month.

Some other medicinal conditions can lead to weight gain, Kidney Failure and Alcoholic Liver Disease for example. Alcoholic Liver Disease, also known as Alcoholic Hepatitis is caused by overproduction of highly toxic chemical (which are a side-effect of alcoholic consumption) that damage the liver. While Kidney failure means that your kidneys are not able to remove the toxins it should and they are left in the body.

Preventing weight gain by recognition of its signs

19fguzzcrlvt1jpgThere are many possible symptoms of weight gain and they depend on the exact cause. Once you realize that you have several pounds over the desired weight and that your weight is increasing very fast, you can only go to the doctor and try to counter it. Early signs of unintentional weight gain may include constipation, swollen extremities, bloating, and flatulence. Some medical conditions can also be early signs of weight gain and among others; they include fever, shortness of breath and sweating.

Getting rid of excess weight

Treatment of weight gain depends mainly on the source of the issue. If the weight gain is caused by hormonal imbalance then the treatment will be done through medications.

If an organ failure is a main reason for unintentional weight gain then the first step is undergoing an organ transplant procedure. Once that is done, and then the diet and exercises are recommended in order to return the body to its normal weight.

If a weight gain was caused by eating unhealthy food in large amounts then the best thing to do is to go on a diet and to start exercising.

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