Cat’s Claw

Allamanda-Vine-YellowThe plant of the 21st century – cat’s claw

Every now and then, on the Internet and on the media appears some mysterious plant that has a magical effect on all possible illnesses. The number of these cases cannot be named because every new plant is represented as a certain solution to all malign diseases. Who should we believe and can be cancer cured with the help of a plant, why so far pharmaceutical industry hasn’t used them to treat patients and should we hope that nature will save us? We have so many questions and so far we lack in answers.

8106670_origThe mysterious cat’s claw

This is a plant that grows in rain forests in certain parts of South America, especially in Peru and Paraguay. In its homeland, Peru, this plant has been known for the 2000 years, and their ancestors used an extract of this plant as a medicine. Cat’s claw can grow up to 30 meters, and specific parts of roots and barks are used in medicine.
The World Health Organization recognized this plant as the most significant in the 21st century and declared it as the most healthier that has been discovered in the last 300 years. From the beginning of the nineties, Europeans use it intensively in the treatments of cancer and AIDS. The cat’s claw has excellent ingredients that improve the immune system and work as antioxidant.

What cures cat’s claw?

Uncariatomentosa, as it is called in Latin, is used as a medicine in treatments of inflammation of urinary tract, asthma, for improved work of kidneys, rheumatism and the bone pain. Indians mostly use it for inflammation processes in the body, ulcer, cancer, dysentery and surprisingly as a birth control. In the South American medicine, cat’s claw was used as a cure for arthritis.

ash7The Ashaninka tribe from central Peru has its recipe how cat’s claw should be made. You will need to boil five to six kilos of cat’s claw roots and let it to simmer so you would get only one small cup of extract. Then, you only drink one small cup of this extract per day, during your period, for the three months. Using this extract in the indicated way may manifest with sterility during the following three to four years.

There are no clinical reports about side effects of this plant; it is important to remember that you cannot use it with the dairy products. This plant has 10 percent of tannin, if you use it in extensive amount, you can cause problems with the liver and kidneys. Pregnant women and children aren’t recommended to use cat’s claw.

cat's_claw_bark_M11500-product_1x-1424104744Where to buy cat’s claw?

You can buy it in specially designed shops; that are trustworthy, or you can find it online. It comes in from of powder and pills. Make sure to buy a genuine product because there are a lot of scammers today on the market. Only verified sellers should be taken into consideration because this plant comes as pricey one.


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